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Shuttle bus
The shuttle bus service is for groups and banquet guests. Please inquire for details

Large car park
The parking charge is 550 yen (incl. tax) per car per night. The car park can hold 30 cars. For larger vehicles please inquire in advance.

Guests staying at the hotel can use the bicycles free for up to one hour. A perfect way to enjoy sightseeing!
Free of charge for guests staying at the hotel.

Computers are available to rent. (1,080 yen per night) (Limited number available)

We have a wheelchair which can be used free of charge.

About the Specialbed
Special beds are available for tall people upon request.
(Limited number available, so please request in advance.)

Guest room services/amenities

Room temperature
The room temperature can be controlled with the air conditioning unit.
Please bring the items to the front desk. Please note that this service is not available for underwear.
Washing machines
Coin operated washing machines are available on the 1st floor of Building #1.(Fee charged)
Please inquire at the front desk.(19:00 - 23:00)
Inquiries about the telephone
Please contact the front desk.
Wake-up call
On the phone in your room press the wake-up call button or press (6) and enter your desired time (24-hour clock)(E.g. for 6:30 am: (wake-up call) (0) (6) (3) (0))
Press (6) (9) to cancel.
Dialing outside
For domestic calls: press the outside line button or (0), and dial the number.
International calls
After pressing the outside line button or (0), dial 001, the country code and then the number.
Calling other guest rooms
To call other guest rooms in the hotel, first dial (1) for Building #1 or (2) for Building #2, then the room number.
If you require ice, please call the front desk before going down to collect it.
The refrigerator is normally switched off, so please turn the power on if you wish to use it.
Room usage times and extra charges.
You may use the room until 10:00am.
You will be charged an extra fee after 10:00am. If you wish to extend your stay, please contact the front desk.(880 yen for every extra hour stayed.)

Hotel services, transport and surrounding area guide

Luggage storage
The front desk can store your luggage for you at check-out. and also before you check-in.
Please inquire at the front desk.
Stamps are on sale at the front desk.
Black and white: 10 yen per page. Color: 30 yen per page.
It is free to receive faxes. A charge plus 20 yen per page is required to send faxes.
Sightseeing information
The staff at the front desk can give you information. Please feel free to inquire for details.

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